Dec 31, 2008

Baby Quiz - Part 3 & Last -

Emilie Pellegrin's daughter, India, was the first baby to be born, so she is the only one who gave us a visit at the agency so fare. She is a really sweet babe.

Anik Vandercruysse had no time to send us a pic of her little Michelle. That will be for 2009.

Congrats to all the pretty mamas and all the best for this new year.

Cheers to all. Have mega celebrations all around the world. We'll medidate about all the resolutions we'll take in 2009. Therefore, we need a couple of glasses of champagne and then hit the dancefloor all night long. We'll publish those tomorrow ... or maybe Friday!

Dec 29, 2008

Baby Quiz - Part 2 -

How come An Oost & Ingrid Parrewick, who shared so many things together, were pregnant at the exact same time? We'll call that the mystery of life.

Here is another mystery: don't look those two adorable baby pictures from too close or you might fell instantly asleep ... We'll call that Baby Power!

Dec 26, 2008

Baby Quiz Answers - Part 1 -

Remember our Baby Quiz?? We'll start to reveal who's who baby with the two most mixed-matched answers.
A lot of you thought Tina Vu & Satya was a pair.Well nope, the happy-pretty-mummy of Satya is Ambre Frisque. Tina Vu gave birth to a super cute baby girl named Naomie.

Que sera sera, maybe Satya will become a rock star and Naomie a renowned fashion designer... Who knows? But that is for year 2028. For now, you'll get all the answers to our quiz before 2009, for sure!

Dec 23, 2008

Looking for an exclusive small gift?

Here is a little last minute help for your Christmas shopping;
Olivia Hainaut designed exclusive teddy bear brooches. Each one is unique. All look awesome.

The one on the illustration is 5cm long and cost 25€. Considering they are unique and hand made, it's a fair price!

Her atelier is located in Brussels (19 rue du Page B-1050). Sure you have a friend there who can send it over to you... But that will be more for a New Year present then. No friend in Brussels? Gasp! Leave us a comment or send us a mail, we'll see what we can do !

Dec 19, 2008

Dec 16, 2008

What makes the booking laugh?

Those two last days, this:

Hilarious!!! Thierry sent it yesterday, and no one resisted... Lisa is about her 136th view... You'll see you'll play it at least three times! You know, booking is a stressfull job, and a good laugh is one of the best remedy so fare.

Dec 15, 2008

Are you a real Dominique Models Insider??

As you know from our previous post, a lot of model babies are expected for this end of year. We are so happy to announce that some of them are already born.
Do you really think we are going to share their name and gender in a classical easy way? No, no! Take the Baby Name Quiz!!
To answer, simply pair up the number of the mummy to the letter of the baby bottle from the pictures below. And... Is it really necessary to add that blue is for the little guys and pink for the little princesses?!

To send your answer (and/or your congrats!!), simply write a comment to this post. The winner will be our very exclusive number # 1 # blog rider of the week!!

a. Morris / b. Naomie / c. India / d. Michelle / e. Holly / f. Satya

Dec 11, 2008

Jill is No Stranger...

... But she is beautiful and she is on So simply click on the pic to get to her interview!

Dec 9, 2008

"Un Corentin S'il Vous Plaît"

Okay, we do our best to post English content only. But, everyone would die to have a French class with Corentin, wouldn't they??

Okay, here is lesson #1, Corentin says: "Hi my name is Corentin, I'm with Dominique Models and I'm 1 meter 86...". Let's call it an "introduction". There is much more to come in lesson #2... So, who's taking the class?

Dec 8, 2008

The Star of the Day

Everyone here is soooo used to see pretty faces, people, souls, popping in at the agency. But Today ELVIS, the 3month old Great Dane puppy of Marc Champagne, caught the attention and stole the heart of everyone at the booking.

Dec 5, 2008

THE Casting Week is Officially Over!

So, voilà, our big casting week is over! All the models were there and it was busy like crazy but grrrrreat! Here is a clip of the 3 days we have spent all together:

Dec 3, 2008

Cesar Casier's Elevator Pitch

He's hot and he's cool. Cesar was with us at the agency this afternoon for our first big day of castings. So I took him for our first "Elevator Pitch" ever! Awesome!

Dec 1, 2008

A charming story

Here is your Monday Prince Charming: Tomboy. See this clip... very appropriate for this end of year celebrations and to begin the week smoothly.

Nov 28, 2008

Alban Look Update

Yeaaaaaah! new haircut for Alban! That will be the last post for this busy week!

Next one will be busier for sure. We have a 'CASTINGATHON' at the agency: 3 days, 60 models and 18 clients invited from the 3rd to the 5 of December... Waow, that will bring many interesting posts for sure. See them then! Cheers to all.

Nov 26, 2008

Ingrid's Showreel

Here is a 8 minutes video clip about Ingrid Seynhave's incredible career. It all began in the late eighties when she was only 15 y.o. She already had a stunning personality and all it takes to be at the top! See, Belgian beauty is a long lasting trend.

Nov 25, 2008

Predictions for 2009

Next year, Hanne Gaby Odiele, in collusion with photographer Terry Richardson, will shoot you straight to your heart! In February... From the Vogue Calendar only!

Predictions foresee a lot of victims...

Nov 14, 2008

Elise & her Bahamian Crew

Just for the fun, here is again a short vid of the girls in the Bahamas. Naturally fun! The only guy you will get to see is Ercan who tried to dress up as a woman. That is a good try but we know you can do better Ercan! Thanks for taking such good care of our girls by the way!

A Video Postcard from the Bahamas

So Amelie, Chloe, Elise, Jennifer and Kim spent 3 days together in the Bahamas. Not to forget Ercan who was there as chaperon.
Of course they were all there to work. But they certainly didn't forget to have fun. As a matter a fact, it is so seldom that they can spend time together, that they really enjoyed every minute of it. Here is a video postcard from them:

Nov 13, 2008

More japanese goodies!

Yeah! A secret admirer sent us some more japanese treats! This time it look like little soft eggs: Must be some kind of algae sesame filling? Since the "Tokyo Banana" post, my japanese hasn't improve!!! So I have no clue what it is exactely. The only thing I know is that it taste really good and it won't take long to get that box empty! Thanks to whom maybe concerned...

Nov 12, 2008

The Power Briefing/Show Mix

Second episode from the Little Nothings/Spullenhulp/Petits Riens show: It is all about the incredible POWER designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard assistant Nicolas Beck briefing the models for the show. Hope you'll like this video mix as much as we do:

Click here to see the first episode

Nov 7, 2008

A collector to be!

Amelie Latournald, Chloe Gosselin, Elise Crombez, Jennifer Massaux, Kim Cloutier; It's Dominique Models Dream Team chosen by the photographer Lalo Gonzalez and by David Copperfield to shoot a calendar for charitable works.

Location: David's private Island in the Bahamas! No wonder the calendar will be gorgeous and a collector... We have sent a special correspondant out there for the occasion. Ercan packed two sony camcorders with him... No wonder he will bring georgous video shots. We keep you posted next week, can't wait!

Nov 5, 2008

Hello Everybody!

It always great to see how many you are to read our blog worldwide! And welcome to our first 'Blog Rider' from New Zealand!
That map view is very inspiring and motivating too! It definitely replaces my morning caffeine kick!
So don't forget, you can always leave a comment about any suggestions or reactions you may have. Or send a mail to
Cheers and thanks to all of you around the world.

Nov 3, 2008

The "Little Nothings" BIG Stories

Episode 1: NATAN
Each year, Belgian designers create a collection with second hand clothes to support the "Petits Riens/Spullenhulp" association. Literally "Little Nothings" in English, Les Petits Riens do BIG things! They help people in need, providing to them food, work and respect.
Every year, this show is a major Brussels' event. There are a lot of Big Stories in Little Nothings' show. Here is the first one: a short view backstage, Edouard Vermeulen's interview and our girls on the catwalk.

Oct 30, 2008

Tops AND The City in Mercedes GLK

How much fun had Elise Gatelier, Stéphanie Wenkin and Marie Matthys shooting this clip for the Mercedes GLK launching party in Belgium? Simply watch the vid... The answer is a LOT!!

Production: Whatever Entertainment / Directed by John John Goossens

Oct 29, 2008

Show me your hands and I tell you...

We all know; Models are always busy-busy, always between castings, shows, shoots, trains or flights... How do they do to always be smaAashingly impeccaAable and even more than that?
Well, they have their secrets and sometimes, sometimes only, they share a tip...

Here is one for a manucure on the go; to soothen and push your cuticles, nothing beats the Cuticle Softener Pen from Vitry. It is like a big marker and even a real novice could use it!
And guys, nice hands is a not a 'women only' beauty tip... It smells nice, but not too girly nice. So no excuses!

Oct 24, 2008

Backstage at Chine Show

The show took place last Monday in Brussels and presented the very first Chine collection from the Designer Tim Vansteenbergen... Very first, very pretty, and very big success for this show. Elise Crombez and many other Dominique Models presented this flawless romantic and evanescent collection.

Come with us backstage with this video! You'll get to see the rehearsals and some models interviews.

Oct 23, 2008

Wanna meet a Real Scout?

Veronique (the lady in white on the picture) is our talent scout! She is REALLY cool and she will be hanging out at those places to spot new faces:
  • WIJNEGEM Shopping Center; on Monday 27/10 from 2 p.m. [Turnhouste baan 5]
  • ANTWERP Meir; on Tuesday 28/10 from 2 p.m.
  • BRUSSELS Woluwe Shopping Center; on Wednesday 29/10 from 2 p.m.
  • LIEGE Le Carré; on Thursday 30/10 from 2 p.m. [rue de l'Université, place St Lambert]
  • GENT Koorsmarkt; on Friday 31/10 from 2 p.m. [Graslei]
Hang around there if you want to be discovered! For those who can not make it , don't forget you can always apply via our website (click on the "Join US" button)

Oct 22, 2008

Elise Crombez at Chine

Elise was in Belgium for a couple of days... We followed her at the CHINE SS09 Show. It was really fun. She filmed herself backstage and I interviewed her right before the show.

More backstage model shots and interviews from the show to be posted soon!

Oct 21, 2008

Last Friday at the "Spullenhulp" Show

An incident occurred in the middle of rehearsals... See the video..

Eventually the show went on. So it's a happy end. Backstage video with exclusive designers interviews to be posted on this blog SOON.

Oct 16, 2008

Pretty Rare

We get to see a lot of pictures of them but rarely together.
Here is a picture of Hanne Gaby Odiele & Jill Bauwens at the Margaret Howell show in London.

Oct 14, 2008

Brazilian Good Spirit

During our stay in Sao Paulo, we have traveled 36 hours back and forth, interviewed 67 models , seen 263 models books, took 32 taxi rides, experienced THE exceptional rainy and cold week, and came back with about 10 kilos of composite cards... But we enjoyed every minute of our stay, thanks the incredible kindness of everyone!
Here is a little medley of the models interviews:

Oct 11, 2008

Agencies in Sao Paulo

Here is a little video of our scouting trip in Sao Paulo. It's a musical compilation of the shots we took at different agencies.

Music: "Muita Bobeira" by Luciana Souza

Oct 8, 2008

The Coolest Booker's Desk Contest

For Sao Paulo, Jardel from WAY Models wins by fare! See his little interview now!

So the contest is officially opened; All the bookers from around the world may send their desk pictures and the information about them and their master piece at:

Oct 7, 2008

See the Light in Sao Paulo

We were at LUMIERE models agency yesterday. Olivier Daube, its kind Big Boss granted us with a little video tour of the agency. See Lumiere agency in Sao Paulo as if you were there:

Oct 6, 2008

Dominique Models go to Sao Paulo! Tudo bom!

Long time no post. But it is the time it took me, your web divaAa to go all the way to Brazil to meet Ildiko from the booking. Of course we had a couple of caipirinhias to recover from the looooong trip>>> So now we have to recover from drinking too many of them! Uh just kidding!

We are very very busy visiting agencies over here. And what we can say for now is that Brazilians are very beautiful and very sweet. We'll keep you posted with short videos so we can share a bit of our trip with you guys. As we'll drink a couple caipirinhias more to your health of course! Cheers

Oct 2, 2008


So Lisa 'Von Touch' was in Paris on the 30th of September. She was invited to Tsumori Chisato, Ann Demeulemeester and Sophia Kokosalaki shows. She brought cool shots back! Here is the video montage of Lisa big mini-trip to PaAaris:

Oct 1, 2008

For your puffy eyes only...

Eye care products are quite expensive, but nothing can beat that folk remedy for puffy eyes: infuse two teabags in boiled water for 10-20 seconds, let them cool down. When they are lukewarm, put them on your eyes for 10 minutes. It is the number one model tip for your eyes...
Okay, okay, it's no big news?... So, we'll give you tip number 2: Before going to bed , simply dab gently a tiny bit of haemorrhoid relief ointment under your eyes. Yes HEMORRHOID (PILES) OINTMENT and see the miracle for yourself on the next morning in your bathroom's mirror ; tensed under eye skin, reduced dark circles... Do not abuse of tip#2, it is for emergency cases only!
That brings us to tip number 3: As mama used to say, life IS wonderful, don't cry before going to bed.

Sep 30, 2008

Comments are good!

Post by post you get to know more about us; who we are, what we like etc. But we 'd like to read from you, who you are, your suggestions to improve this blog etc.

All your comments must be approved before there are published. It is only a precaution to avoid disrespectful content. This blog is an open space to express your opinions and beliefs whether you are a real fashionista or don't really understand all the fuss about modeling... We care!

Now that you know there are real people behind Dominique Models Agency and that we do not only care about still pictures in glossy magazines, let us know who YOU are!

Sep 29, 2008

Don't Need Technology to Make a Career...

The living proof has a name : INGE GEURTS.

She has an incredible career and... no e-mail address! And it's only been a year since she has a mobile phone. And YES, she is always on time and super pro!

Sep 25, 2008

Not Perez, Paris!

Not in Paris...In Milan!

When Hanne Gaby meets Miss Hilton during Fashion Week...

Sep 24, 2008

The Great Gaby

Wherever there is a Fashion Week around the world, Hanne Gaby is all over the catwalks. This week in Milan: Burberry, Just Cavalli, Costume National, Jil Sander, Prada... We couldn't be more proud of her!

Pictures from the Prada show (portrait : Don Ashby and Olivier Claisse/silhouette : Marcio Madeira)

Sep 23, 2008

Ann Demeulemeester's Invitation...

... to her next Spring-Summer 2009 collection presentation looks like a tiny mini miniature book! We like a lot!

It is taking place in Paris on the 30th of September...And the lucky one attending the show is : Lisa from Touch. You go girl... and you bring some nice backstage pics back pleaaaaaazzzzzz!

Sep 22, 2008


Casting is often a big wonder to newbys or non-pro... But it's simply a meeting where the modeling agency sends all the models who suit the client briefing, in order to meet all the people involved in the models selection (photographer, designer, show director etc.).
Here is a small video illustration about how it really does take place:

Sep 19, 2008

Chloe On the Ritz

Chloe Gosselin was booked for Refrigiwear's last catalog shoot (FW 08-09). We got this really cool backstage video from them, too good to keep it behind a booking table...

Sep 17, 2008

We love Olivia Hainaut!

Olivia is one of our favorite addresses in Brussels. She is stylist, as a matter of fact, a real ARTIST, and designs exquisite and very exclusive accessories. Scarves, bracelets and necklaces, each piece is handmade and a real piece of art.
Olivia definitely gives nobility back to art crafted luxury goods. She just opened her own atelier-boutique. Amélie and Stéphanie take you there in this video:

Sep 15, 2008

Charlotte goes to Greece

It is always good to see a new face flying away to Athens; especially when the requesting agency is 'Nothing But People'. You then know there is a great editorial potential! Let's wish all the best to Charlotte who is leaving tomorrow!

'Nothing But People' was convinced about representing her after seeing this short interview:

Who says personality does not matter?? Well, who...?? uh...?

Sep 12, 2008

Dressing Right at Dirty Dancing

It was last Saturday; It all happened at Dirty Dancing (Mirano): the very first show of Dressing Right, the new ethic label created by Tony Delcampe (La Cambre) and Thierry Rondenet (Own).

Organized by the magazine "LeVif/L'express", it presented the Spring-Summer 09 collection on an exclusive turning catwalk 100% Dominique Models. See a quick backstage clip (filmed by Ercan) and great pictures of Andy De Decker in this video:

Sep 10, 2008

TOUCH The Blog!

It's a real babyboom (see our post about it)! Now TOUCH, the Hair & Make-Up and styling division of Dominique Models, has its own blog! To see Lisa & Helene's new baby on Blogspot, click on its picture below:

Dominique Models is such a big family!

Sep 8, 2008


Hermes edited a beautiful catalog : "PORTRAITS and OBJECTS" (AW08-09).

It is shot by photographer Paul Wetherell and among the beautiful pictures, there is the portrait of our people Simon De Jong.

It is amazing how black&white enhance the artistic expression of humanity. Thanks a lot Mister Wetherell.

We can not wait for the pictures of Hermes' Worlwide watches campaign  with our model Corentin to be pubished. It was shot on September the 3rd. We keep you posted of course!

Mirano Vif Show Project

Give a camera to Ercan to make shots for a behind the scene and see what happens... The 'making of' is for some other time... The little crazy essai ( a Blair Witch Project Tribute?) is for the fun & for now. Ercan and Jennifer take you backstage. Click on Play!

It all happened backstage at the "Le Vif" show that took place at the Mirano on Saturday 6th of September.

Sep 5, 2008

A Colourful Victory

See the making of Victoire Magazine editorial with photographer Arnaud de Harven. It's bright and for the 'special mode' issue of the magazine which is published tomorrow, the 6th of September. Click the 'play' button to see the video.

With the Gladys' styling and Vera for the make-up, we could call this theme: 'ethni-city'. It's a pure urban invitation to dare to mix! Enjoy and have fun!

Sep 4, 2008

Steevie's Tips

Today, Steevie gives tips to young models in a little vid we shot at her place. With more than 20 years of experience as a model, check what this classy lovely lady has to say. Click on the button "play" !

To know a bit more about her and her career, click here to see her last post .

Sep 3, 2008

5 O'Clock? It's Teaser Time!

So, coming up this week, we have an e-article about to be published tomorrow pm on the Belgian website SKYNET, in its new feminine column called 'Lili'.
It is all about Belgian Top Models so they could not make it without mentioning Elise Crombez, Hanne Gaby or Jill Bauwens. We will post a link as soon at it is online.

On Friday, you will be granted with an exclusive video making of a highly colored editorial for VICTOIRE magazine with our models Erin & Jesse with the photographer Arnaud de Harven.
That's an exciting end of a very active week for us. Booking mood is HAPPY!

Sep 2, 2008

Lisa's Secrets

With the whole team at the agency, brand new servers and requests pouring in, we feel holiday time is over.
Everyone at the booking table grabbed as much sun as possible. The one who wins the suntan contest this year is Lisa from "Touch", our Hair&Make-Up and Styling division.

While she was gone, I had to borrow something from her drawer. And what did I find among xillions pictures of her son Modan and just a little less 'Hello Kitty' gadgets???

INCREDIBLE BACKSTAGE SHOTS from all the shows she is attending! Here is one she did at "Alexander McQueen";

We can't hold such beauty away from this blog, can we? More posts and pictures about Touch are coming, for sure!!!

Sep 1, 2008

A Hit on YouTube!

The"little" French speaking comedy we shot for the "Louise High Heels" event* in July scored more than 18000 hits on YouTube!
Thanks to everyone who liked it. For the ones who haven't seen it, click on the picture below:

* Louise High Heels was a 100 meters sprint on stilettos that took place on the 6th of July in Brussels. With a 10.000€ gift voucher for the winner, it was a major success and a fun day for our models who participated!

Aug 28, 2008

THE making of BLEND shooting on our roof

We promised it. Here is the video! The exclusive making of the editorial for the International issue of Blend magazine. The preparation took place at the agency and the shooting on the building's roof... Check it out.

This issue will be celebrated on the 12th of September in the Netherlands. Hey! It's not everyday a magazine goes international! That's an excellent reason to paAarty! All the best to BLEND.

Aug 27, 2008

A Shoot on our Roof!

Photographer Joost Vandebrug was at the agency yesterday to shoot an editorial with Pauline and Alban for an exclusive international issue of BLEND magazine. The shooting took place on Dominique Models building's roof!

Making of the shooting
to be seen shortly on the blog! Stay tuned...

Aug 26, 2008

We like Tokyo Bananas

Sometimes, visitors come at the agency with a little something for us. Today, Mister No No Name Dropping, came with a fun gift: Tokyo Bananas!

It's like sponge cake with banana cream filling. It is fun to eat; a new sensation to our European palates. As usual with Japanese stuff, the packaging is really cool!

And if we read correctly, the expiry date is in 2014!! Yeah, we can spare some for later.
Thanks again Mister No No Name Dropping!

Aug 25, 2008

Danielle Detremmerie's interview

For those who didn't get to see it on TV (see our post from August the 14th)... Click the screen below.

Aug 22, 2008

It's time to get rid of Cape Town's cliché

Who said Cape Town is a quiet commercial place?? Certainly not Mariano from Zero models, an agency based over there in South Africa. He is coming next week, on September the 3rd, to cast models at the agency. There are plenty of great job opportunities. Check out the editorial from ChewTheMagazine, a new South African-based publication.
So who wants to go??

Aug 20, 2008

Alban was there...

Check out his latest look! We liiiike! Don't you know? PUNK's not dead! No no no...

For Alban's fans, and we know he has a lot, his hair color today was blond.

As promised, we'll keep you posted with his look.

Aug 18, 2008

Need a homemade scrub?

Drizzle weather in Brussels today: It is like we have a giant atomiser spraying the tiniest rain drops ever!
So, if you want a model tip that will freshen you up, here it is : have a good homemade scrub tonight!
Simply mix vegetable oil (almond, jojoba, etc. and yes olive oil! Yes! The one you use to season your salads!!) and sea salt (yes again the one you use for cooking ; the thinnier, the mildest scrub). As the salt does not melt in the oil, it gives a 100% pure natural mixture to scrub your hands, knees, elbows or legs with gentle massage movement.
And the best is yet to come: simply rinse off with lucky warm water and the salt just melts away! No messy crumbs in the tub.
Although it is good to let your skin absorb the oily residue, if you do not want any greasy feeling, simply wash your skin with a mild shower gel.

And voilà, a model tip everyone can achieve with average cooking ingredients !

PS : Avoid scrubing if you have a sensitive skin. Oily skins prefer rapeseed oil for their scrub.

Aug 14, 2008

TV at the Agency

Today, the team of the VRT EEN show '1000 Zonnen' came at the agency to interview our classic model Danielle Detremmerie.
It is all about the women's beauty in their fifthies; as Madonna is celebrating her 50 y.o. BDay, they wanted to have the opinion of another beautiful lady. They did the good choice with Danielle. See '1000 Zonnen' tomorrow night, Friday the 15th, at 7.45pm on VRT EEN. Then, it will be available on their website.

Check out now our making of the interview!

Aug 12, 2008

Bookers are PROUD!!

The cover that cheers everyone up at the booking table is the one of Barbara Werabe for Weekend Knack. You go girl, we want more!!!

Aug 7, 2008

Shall we open a day nursery?

BABYBOOM at Dominique Models! Here is the list of the pretty mothers to be by the end of the year:
Ambre Frisque, An Oost, Anais Droeven,Ingrid Parewijck, Sarah Jabloune, Anik Vandercruyssen, Emilie Pelegrin, Tina Vu, Diane Mbarushiman.
And to answer to the question in the title: We can't! Marc's office is tooooo small!
Congrats to all the HAPPY MAMAS to be!

PS1: Picture of beautiful Eva Schwaigerova during her last pregnancy
PS2: From Odile, any model who forgot to inform the booking about their pregnancy, please CALL YOUR BOOKER ASAP ;-)

Aug 4, 2008

Backstage at Scapa's Show

Today, we take you backstage at the latest Scapa of Scotland show... It took place yesterday, Sunday August the 3rd, In Antwerpen. Dominique Models were there for a brilliant presentation of the summer collection. Check out our backstage video!

Jul 31, 2008

Steevie van der Veen

When Steevie began her modeling career with Dominique Models at the end of the eighties, she was told that it would normally last until she is about 25 years old... And there she is still beautiful, happy mother of Florian, the cutiest little guy around, and still working a lot : she just signed a Biotherm campaign! Rules are made to be broken, aren't they??

Jul 23, 2008

The New Faces Strike Back!

Being a 'new face' means that you may have a modeling potential. But it certainly does mean that you are young and that you wanna have FUN! We took a bunch bowling! See the vid!

PS: small "interview" of each contestant on our website, click this picture:

Jul 7, 2008

Alban on his way to LA

Alban is going to Los Angeles in a couple of days... to shoot Italian VOGUE with STEVEN MEISEL!!! Here are some pics of his lastest look. We'll keep you posted with his look updates as each time he comes at the agency, there is a change.