Aug 26, 2008

We like Tokyo Bananas

Sometimes, visitors come at the agency with a little something for us. Today, Mister No No Name Dropping, came with a fun gift: Tokyo Bananas!

It's like sponge cake with banana cream filling. It is fun to eat; a new sensation to our European palates. As usual with Japanese stuff, the packaging is really cool!

And if we read correctly, the expiry date is in 2014!! Yeah, we can spare some for later.
Thanks again Mister No No Name Dropping!


elise_fan said...

Hi there,

I'm your reader and I just wanna tell you that the Tokyo Bananas don't contain artificial preservatives so you "can not" keep those little yummy yellow babies that long, certainly not till 2014!! they are only good for like 3 weeks. you have to eat them within that period of time! I just got back from Tokyo and i bought some of them. They are my favorite sweets.


Dominique Models said...

Dear elise_fan & Tokyo banana lover,
Thank you for your comment! You are absolutly right, we misread the label (the only caracters we could read from the box! When is the date standardization is going to happen???)
No doubt there are no preservatives, those treats are too gooood. Anyway, the box is empty for a long time now... We just have to wait for another benefactor to pass by the agency... Take care.