May 29, 2009

A LONG Weekend To Practise

With a long week-end ahead (Office is closed on Monday June the 1st) and the two Belgian major Styling Schools shows coming-up (La Cambre & the Academy of Antwerp), it's time to get prepared to walk on the runway with high high hiiiiigh heels.

This cool video from Modelinia is great summary of the four points to focus on, to walk like a supermodel. Watch carefully and practise!

Have great week-end

May 28, 2009

Anouk Is A Groupie

She walked hundreds of miles on European runways, but she would RUN a greater distance across Europe to get to see all the DEPECHE MODE's concerts. So fare, she has tickets to attend to 9 of them!

Bad & sad news: Depeche Mode's singer, David Gahan, is recovering from an emergency surgery. The first concert in Dusseldorf is postponed...

We hope David will get better very soon. Our thoughts, (and especially Anouk's ones) are with him and his family of course.

See Anouk web book HERE

May 27, 2009

Christophe Coppens Makeover

We wrote about the company makeover contest Christophe Coppens is running for. Now, he's offering 20% discount on his accessories to anyone who votes for him. More info on his FB page; click on its represention underneath to get immediately to there:

May 26, 2009

Tobias & the Catwalks

De brown hair Danish guy strikes back! Here is a compilation of Tobias Sorensen's Spring/Summer 09 shows. Guys, there are one or two pairs of shorts that could inspire you for your Summer look. And if you really get inspired, please send us some pics!

May 25, 2009

On Tour In Europe!

Esther & Marianna chose THE perfect week to come from the USA where they both live, to Europe to see clients; the weather is perfect!

Who needs sunshine anyway? You immediately smile as get to meet those two. They are gorgeous!

See their web books; here is Marianna's & here is Esther's

May 20, 2009

The Girl Nanda

A really nice clip Nanda Hampe shot for Campari. She's the girl but wait until the end to know who she really is.

Want to see more pics of Nanda? Click HERE.
Remember guys that the agency is closed on the 21st et 22d of May. So we'll be back and full of energy on Monday the 25th. Cheers to you all!

May 18, 2009

!!!Unique Chance To Help A Designer!!!

Help Christophe Coppens to win €200.000for his company's makeover!! Being a talented designer doesn't necessarily mean that business is easy. So voting for Christophe will efficiently help him to please everyone of us even more with his creations.
Click on the picture to get to the corresponding language website to vote;
For our English only speaking friends, here is a quick visual translation of the NL page;

Click HERE to get to the Ultimate Makeover website's homepage.

Tobias Sorensen's in Town

No no no, not all scandinavians are blond! Even guys! We got the visit of a nice specimen this morning: Tobias Sorensen. He's Danish, adorable and has brown hair.

His "Elevator Pitch" interview will unveal the mystery of his sexy scars and much more. Soon on

May 15, 2009

Alice in Beautyland

This "Natural-Glam" look is purely amazing!
Pretty pretty beauty editorial shooting for German magazine Brigitte by great director/photographer Keith Schofield.
Click HERE to see more picture of Alice Morrisse.

May 14, 2009

Vogue's Model Round Table

When US Vogue's edtiors gather with famous models for an open discussion about the industry, this video comes out and Lauren Hutton simply looks stunning! They all do... waow! Major tops watch!

May 13, 2009

Time To Choose Your Dancing Shoes

It's a busy busy weekend! On the 15th, it's Anarchic Party Baby! The flyer looks really cool with that picture of Tatiana Wouters... 2 days left to rehearse those cool dance moves, yeah!

Click on the pic for more info about the party!

May 12, 2009

Are You Free on the 16th?

May the 16th? Yes? Then book your evening for the ShortlistID Factory'09 paAarty in Amsterdam. Tine [New faces] & Koen [Men's division] are going. Who else?

Click on the invitation to get all the information related to the party. Cheers.

May 11, 2009

La Vanité By Sara Visser...

....and Dutch photographer Will Falize. Here is Sara's first short movie!

Wanna see Sara's web book? Click HERE!

May 8, 2009

Models Of The World, Unite!

Celine Prins is a model as well as a business woman! She launched a really cool and helpful website. Initially created to raise awareness, unity and trust within the fashion industry, provides a variety of on-line & off-line services to its registered models community.

This 'International Fashion City Guide' plateform is a place where models get useful information, share their know-how&know-who, recommand their favorites places to hang-out etc. It's now easy to refer to model recommandations wherever you are working in the world! Check it out now, click on the website picture! And UNITE!

May 6, 2009

Pretty Mama Back to Work

Ingrid Parewijck is back! She is actually shooting 2 days for Pure Collection in London.

Baby boy Morris is 6 months old now, growing up so fast! Undoubtfully, he has totally inherited his mum's charm and already is a heartbreaker!

May 5, 2009

Modo Bruxellae Tonight!

Modo Bruxellae, the very needed/super active association promotes Brussels fashion, organises a show to celebrates the Brussels region's 20th anniversary ...
- At the artistic commands, super power designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard himself (on the picture) !
- On the catwalk, 30 of our models presenting silhouettes of Jean Paul Knott, Jessie Lecomte, Sandrina Fasoli, Cathy Pill, Annemie Verbeke, Delvaux, Natan, Strelli. Mademoiselle Jean comes with her own escort.
- In the public, many modo erectus, modo politicus and modo influenticus, in addition to a couple of Princesses...
Of course we prepare a couple of exclusive videos for you guys. Backstage is our base! Are you MODO?

May 4, 2009

First Job!

Bie Van Landeghem is shooting her first fashion brochure today! A first booking is always good news and the first of many more.
To see Bie's web book, click HERE