Nov 28, 2008

Alban Look Update

Yeaaaaaah! new haircut for Alban! That will be the last post for this busy week!

Next one will be busier for sure. We have a 'CASTINGATHON' at the agency: 3 days, 60 models and 18 clients invited from the 3rd to the 5 of December... Waow, that will bring many interesting posts for sure. See them then! Cheers to all.

Nov 26, 2008

Ingrid's Showreel

Here is a 8 minutes video clip about Ingrid Seynhave's incredible career. It all began in the late eighties when she was only 15 y.o. She already had a stunning personality and all it takes to be at the top! See, Belgian beauty is a long lasting trend.

Nov 25, 2008

Predictions for 2009

Next year, Hanne Gaby Odiele, in collusion with photographer Terry Richardson, will shoot you straight to your heart! In February... From the Vogue Calendar only!

Predictions foresee a lot of victims...

Nov 14, 2008

Elise & her Bahamian Crew

Just for the fun, here is again a short vid of the girls in the Bahamas. Naturally fun! The only guy you will get to see is Ercan who tried to dress up as a woman. That is a good try but we know you can do better Ercan! Thanks for taking such good care of our girls by the way!

A Video Postcard from the Bahamas

So Amelie, Chloe, Elise, Jennifer and Kim spent 3 days together in the Bahamas. Not to forget Ercan who was there as chaperon.
Of course they were all there to work. But they certainly didn't forget to have fun. As a matter a fact, it is so seldom that they can spend time together, that they really enjoyed every minute of it. Here is a video postcard from them:

Nov 13, 2008

More japanese goodies!

Yeah! A secret admirer sent us some more japanese treats! This time it look like little soft eggs: Must be some kind of algae sesame filling? Since the "Tokyo Banana" post, my japanese hasn't improve!!! So I have no clue what it is exactely. The only thing I know is that it taste really good and it won't take long to get that box empty! Thanks to whom maybe concerned...

Nov 12, 2008

The Power Briefing/Show Mix

Second episode from the Little Nothings/Spullenhulp/Petits Riens show: It is all about the incredible POWER designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard assistant Nicolas Beck briefing the models for the show. Hope you'll like this video mix as much as we do:

Click here to see the first episode

Nov 7, 2008

A collector to be!

Amelie Latournald, Chloe Gosselin, Elise Crombez, Jennifer Massaux, Kim Cloutier; It's Dominique Models Dream Team chosen by the photographer Lalo Gonzalez and by David Copperfield to shoot a calendar for charitable works.

Location: David's private Island in the Bahamas! No wonder the calendar will be gorgeous and a collector... We have sent a special correspondant out there for the occasion. Ercan packed two sony camcorders with him... No wonder he will bring georgous video shots. We keep you posted next week, can't wait!

Nov 5, 2008

Hello Everybody!

It always great to see how many you are to read our blog worldwide! And welcome to our first 'Blog Rider' from New Zealand!
That map view is very inspiring and motivating too! It definitely replaces my morning caffeine kick!
So don't forget, you can always leave a comment about any suggestions or reactions you may have. Or send a mail to
Cheers and thanks to all of you around the world.

Nov 3, 2008

The "Little Nothings" BIG Stories

Episode 1: NATAN
Each year, Belgian designers create a collection with second hand clothes to support the "Petits Riens/Spullenhulp" association. Literally "Little Nothings" in English, Les Petits Riens do BIG things! They help people in need, providing to them food, work and respect.
Every year, this show is a major Brussels' event. There are a lot of Big Stories in Little Nothings' show. Here is the first one: a short view backstage, Edouard Vermeulen's interview and our girls on the catwalk.