Aug 20, 2009

Julie Syenaeve's back!

How happy are we?? Ecstatic!
How pretty is she?? Stunning! Check it on her web book...

And Now A Strike!

Celine Prins bowls great in that new video clip from the new Dutch pop sensation; Valerius. Beauties meet ze guys on a bowling alley. It's fun! See the clip;

Aug 3, 2009

Now, Strike A PAUSE

It's August... I's warm and sunny... and usually very slow in Belgium! Yeah, probably the best time to make a break from posting onto our blog.
Let's our beloved web diva-ah-ah [a.k.a Ariane van der Veen] have a two weeks vacation totally disconnected from any kind of access to the internet. We even wonder if she's going to survive to this ordeal... Sounds very 'Mission Impossible' to us... Well, you'll find out on August the 17th... Stay tuned!
Note; as a matter of fact, Ariane never came back! We wish her good luck!

Jul 30, 2009

Cyril For Scapa

Good to see Cyril L'kaderi on last Scapa's campaign!

Picture: Paul Bellaart

Jul 29, 2009

Inge Forever

Inge Geurts simply looks amazing in Gael Magazine's special file: "Style Icons". We like it so much, we even made our own cover [big super extra thanks to Ercan!!].
We call that THE perfect casting.

Jul 28, 2009

We miss Elise!

Here is a short vid from her on one of her many shootings with Patrick Demarchelier. Hope to see her soon in Belgium!

And here is the picture they were shooting together:

Jul 27, 2009

No No! You Don't Want That!

You DO NOT want Facebook to use your picture to illustrate ads WITHOUT your consent! So, change your settings now:
Click on SETTINGS [next to the logout button] and select PRIVACY SETTINGS. Then click on the NEWS FEEDS AND WALL link. Click on the FACEBOOK ADS tab. Then, select the NO ONE option from the drop down menu and save your changes.

Here is a bit of visual help for those who got 'lost in explanations'...