Feb 27, 2009


... To our northest blog rider ever! He or She is from Barrow, AlASKA... And we think it's so cool! Thanks. Dominique Team
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Bling Bling In the Dark

Well, our new faces Charlotte Ley & Cedric Norre shine with those glow-in-the dark jewels! It's a concept, it's original and it's Belgian by MO KA-Atelier 11. We like those neon lights a lot... See the video:

Feb 25, 2009

The Cutted Heads Avenger!

The avenger exists to (sometimes) show to the world who is the model who's head was cut off! Today, It's Marie-Eve from our People department. She worked for the animation of the very pretty VAIO P-Series launch website. Here is the proof:

And now we are all soooo jealous she could handle this incredible envelope bag (very trendy BTW) sized full laptop! We want one! Well, there is a cool European contest to win one... And a city trip on the top! It's very chic to pose out of town with a VAIO P-Series sticking out of your pocket or bag!

Feb 20, 2009

New Talents Watch!

, our New Faces Fairy/2nd Mama/Booker, has so many pretty teenagers to shoot that she is looking for young but experienced photographers, with an eye, a vision, a soul, & something extra +++, to build the books of our mini-tops!
So, if you are interested and interesting, and if you hang around a cool & cold country called Belgium; Send four of your pictures (1 portrait, 1 studio, 1 daylight and 1 location shots) to tine@dominiquemodels.com

Feb 19, 2009

The Belgian Connection

There something special about this NYC Fashion Week. Whever you go you are about to see either Jill, Hanne, Cesar & as you already know Tom Van Dorpe. On the catwalk or backstage, they are all over the place! It makes us PROUD PROUD PROUD! Wish we were there too!

Feb 17, 2009

Serial Styler!

Tom Van Dorpe can't stop to style. Last Saturday, it was his very first NY show; Frank Tell. Yesterday, it was the Yigal Azrouel show. So Tom what's up next?? We'll definitely let you guys know.

Picture: Frank Tell Fall 09

Feb 16, 2009

The Book & the Trailer

The video trailer speaks for itself: Valerie Nimal loves to write novels about loving with an elegant twist. This book is a must read while waiting for a casting or on a shooting. Okay, it is in French for now, let's hope it gets to be translated in the near future! Here is an idea of the Title: The Single Minutes.

Feb 12, 2009

Smashing Concept!

Bjorn Borg encourages anyone who's not happy in his relationship to break up on the 13th! "Don't Make Up. Break UP" for a fresh start, they say... Very invigorating among all those Valentine's Day bla bla! We like!

Feb 10, 2009

Hanne Countrystyle for ZARA

Hanne Gaby goes casual for Zara campaign... Nice!

Feb 6, 2009

Jennifer in Cyberland

Here is a little video from Marie Jo last SS 09 collection, with Jennifer Massaux. It's 'L'Aventure', a 'pure lingerie' collection in a highly futuristic universe!

Good job Jennifer (Everyone with modelling experience knows how difficult such jobs are... Especially the appearing and disappearing thing ;-)). Have a good weekend everyone. And if you have time to spare among all the incredible things you are about to do, check the new videos on www.dominiquemodels.tv

Feb 4, 2009

Models Tips

Voilà a plastic bottle you get to see a lot in model's bags & make-up artists' cases. Pour a bit of this Bioderma's Micellar solution on a cotton pad to remove makeup from your eyes and your skin. You don't need to rinse it off! It's super handy to clean your face right before making up too.

Model or not, if you have a sensitive skin or not, this really is a great product. A bit expensive though, but it is definitely worth it.

Feb 3, 2009

The Borderline Post

It's all about how we manage to find so many top models. But this post is certainly about how you can embed a video displayed on dominiquemodels.tv onto any blog and third party website! Awesome!

Therefore, simply copy the "embed" link from the video (from dominiquemodels.tv site) into the HTML code of your post or website. Easy!