Mar 31, 2009

Spring's in the air

To celebrate the first sunshine, here is a cute spring-like video featuring Chloe Gosselin

Mar 30, 2009

Out Of Office... Never Out Of Fun

Here is the 'Out Of Office' message you get from our WebDiva when she's on holidays:
I was kidnapped by a forgotten Eewok tribe. Their Great Council decided to release me by March the 30st 2009.
As we all know, Eewoks are sweet and good spirited creatures, so everything should be okay for me!
If you need anything before or don't hear from me after the 30st, please contact my boss:
Sincerely your WebDiva,

Mar 27, 2009

Thanks Layna!

Thanks to Layna's comment about my post of last Wednesday , I was able to find a video about the incredible Mais il est où le soleil ? show. See the great work of the choreographer Luc Petit and improve your language skills (it's in Dutch & French) by clicking on the screen below:

Mar 26, 2009

Ercan Can!

Only our unique one and only Ercan can shoot 3 covers for the Together Magazine and remain the sweet and enthousiastic guy we all know!
For the ones who do not know him, Ercan is in charge of all the tests and their styling, polas, training and advices to young models and brilliantly does the PR for the agency.
No wonders, Ercan often is the models' favourite!

On the covers: Chloe, Sevil and Jonathan

Mar 25, 2009

Hey Where's the Sun?

We surely miss a lot of solar energy in Belgium lately... Yesterday at least, there was a very good reason to justify the lack of sun in our country ... It was all concentrated inside Thurn & Taxis, the place where the incredible 10 years' celebration of the Belgian women's wear line Mais il est où le soleil ? took place.

So, for the ones who did not attend, well, it's too bad, 'cause you have missed a rather rare occasion to see a fashion show and please your partner in life even if he or she is not that much into fashion.

Thanks to the music, dance, mime and trampoline performances, in addition to a poetical presentation of the collection, the show really was a SHOW which received a well deserved standing ovation. We'll post a vid as soon we grab one...

Mar 24, 2009

A Word Or Two

After Layna, it's Pauline Vercruysse who looks gorgeous in the Word Magazine which is now available at Colette(in Paris) and in Japan.
Congrats to all the team that carries this cool magazine out!

Mar 23, 2009

Layna Layna

How much personality do it take to incarnate Snow White? A lot! Layna Vercauteren has it all and much more!

Mar 20, 2009

DominiqueTV Official Flyer

... is very officially out! If you want to receive some to share them among your friends because you think our web TV is cool and/or want to support us, simply send a mail about it to
We'll post some for you.

A Taste of Fashion Weekend

As you must know now (...), this was an extremely excitingly busy week with the Fashon Weekend Show last night! Here is a taste of it thanks to John Fabry and his video of the show finale. More videos and exclusive backstage shots on next week!

Mar 17, 2009

Fashion Weekend Vibrations

D-2 for the Fashion Weekend! The agency is really busy coordinating the whole event, models wise of course.
It is not only about booking 60 models on the show, it's also getting the names of the persons who will accompany them and/or organising their way back home and/or training the new faces to their first catwalk etc.etc. In a word, it's really EXCITING!

For this edition designers from the hottest Fashion Institutions are competing: (Belgium Pride's) Antwerp Academy and La Cambre, and also Central Martins College of Art & Design (London-UK), Trieste (Italy) and Hyeres festivals (France) and for the first time Parsons New school for Design (NYC-USA). We get prepared for a HIGH Fashion Weekend and will cover the event on our WebTV on Thursday.

Mar 16, 2009

Fairy Queen Hanne Gaby

... will cheer up your Monday! Here is her latest clip for "On Cloud One" Neiman Marcus . Very very pretty pretty... Simply click on the picture below to be redirected to the video:

Mar 12, 2009

A Model Couple

They are hot and together for more than 4 years now. Olga & Tomboy made their own making of the FHM bathing suit shooting in Barcelona. One holding the camera for the other, we don't get to see the vid of them shooting together, at least we have the pics.
It's all in the self-making-of, on!

Mar 10, 2009

Jill's Here, Jill's There...

Jill's everywhere.. There are tons of pics from her last runways. But if we had to choose one, it would be this one from Bruno Pieters Fall 09 show; there is that Klimt thing about it and the colors... Simply makes our hearts melt.

Illustration: Gustav Klimt Silhouette Poster
Picture: Marcio Madeira

Mar 9, 2009

Incommensurably Emotional

We have an incommensurable, immeasurable and intense admiration for the work of Mister Martin Margiela.
So what happens when we get to see Amélie Lens on his runway?? We cry... for joy! Very stirring.

Mar 6, 2009

Mar 4, 2009

How To Prepare a Model to an Interview?

EASY!!! You let them read at least 3 posts from Pony-Ryder. And then, they are all set!
It's a super pro Independent Fashion blog discovered by our web fan model Hanne Baekelandt. See, models read and share their references too...

Mar 2, 2009

Fashion Weekend 2009 [March 19th]

Do you crave for chocolate and fashion? The 2009 edition of the Knack-Le Vif FASHION WEEKEND will fulfil your wildest dreams! The invite comes with a 100% Belgian HUGE dark choclate bar.

Special treat for the lucky-un-lucky ones (depends if you like chocolate &/or watch you weight) who didn't receive their invitation, we take you with us to follow the event from the castings to the big show on!