Mar 25, 2009

Hey Where's the Sun?

We surely miss a lot of solar energy in Belgium lately... Yesterday at least, there was a very good reason to justify the lack of sun in our country ... It was all concentrated inside Thurn & Taxis, the place where the incredible 10 years' celebration of the Belgian women's wear line Mais il est où le soleil ? took place.

So, for the ones who did not attend, well, it's too bad, 'cause you have missed a rather rare occasion to see a fashion show and please your partner in life even if he or she is not that much into fashion.

Thanks to the music, dance, mime and trampoline performances, in addition to a poetical presentation of the collection, the show really was a SHOW which received a well deserved standing ovation. We'll post a vid as soon we grab one...

1 comment:

Layna Isle said...

Had so much fun! (there's a video on the rode loper site, check: archief)