May 5, 2009

Modo Bruxellae Tonight!

Modo Bruxellae, the very needed/super active association promotes Brussels fashion, organises a show to celebrates the Brussels region's 20th anniversary ...
- At the artistic commands, super power designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard himself (on the picture) !
- On the catwalk, 30 of our models presenting silhouettes of Jean Paul Knott, Jessie Lecomte, Sandrina Fasoli, Cathy Pill, Annemie Verbeke, Delvaux, Natan, Strelli. Mademoiselle Jean comes with her own escort.
- In the public, many modo erectus, modo politicus and modo influenticus, in addition to a couple of Princesses...
Of course we prepare a couple of exclusive videos for you guys. Backstage is our base! Are you MODO?

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