Aug 7, 2008

Shall we open a day nursery?

BABYBOOM at Dominique Models! Here is the list of the pretty mothers to be by the end of the year:
Ambre Frisque, An Oost, Anais Droeven,Ingrid Parewijck, Sarah Jabloune, Anik Vandercruyssen, Emilie Pelegrin, Tina Vu, Diane Mbarushiman.
And to answer to the question in the title: We can't! Marc's office is tooooo small!
Congrats to all the HAPPY MAMAS to be!

PS1: Picture of beautiful Eva Schwaigerova during her last pregnancy
PS2: From Odile, any model who forgot to inform the booking about their pregnancy, please CALL YOUR BOOKER ASAP ;-)


Spiro said...

How many children Eva has? I know Eva since she was 16 :-) I m happy for her!

Dominique Models said...

Eva is now the happy & proud mother of a little girl: Julia!