Aug 18, 2008

Need a homemade scrub?

Drizzle weather in Brussels today: It is like we have a giant atomiser spraying the tiniest rain drops ever!
So, if you want a model tip that will freshen you up, here it is : have a good homemade scrub tonight!
Simply mix vegetable oil (almond, jojoba, etc. and yes olive oil! Yes! The one you use to season your salads!!) and sea salt (yes again the one you use for cooking ; the thinnier, the mildest scrub). As the salt does not melt in the oil, it gives a 100% pure natural mixture to scrub your hands, knees, elbows or legs with gentle massage movement.
And the best is yet to come: simply rinse off with lucky warm water and the salt just melts away! No messy crumbs in the tub.
Although it is good to let your skin absorb the oily residue, if you do not want any greasy feeling, simply wash your skin with a mild shower gel.

And voilĂ , a model tip everyone can achieve with average cooking ingredients !

PS : Avoid scrubing if you have a sensitive skin. Oily skins prefer rapeseed oil for their scrub.

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