Dec 15, 2008

Are you a real Dominique Models Insider??

As you know from our previous post, a lot of model babies are expected for this end of year. We are so happy to announce that some of them are already born.
Do you really think we are going to share their name and gender in a classical easy way? No, no! Take the Baby Name Quiz!!
To answer, simply pair up the number of the mummy to the letter of the baby bottle from the pictures below. And... Is it really necessary to add that blue is for the little guys and pink for the little princesses?!

To send your answer (and/or your congrats!!), simply write a comment to this post. The winner will be our very exclusive number # 1 # blog rider of the week!!

a. Morris / b. Naomie / c. India / d. Michelle / e. Holly / f. Satya


Chrissie said...

??? No clue, but those babies must be damn cute. My guess 6 goes with f?

Dominique Models said...

Damn cute as you say! But no, 6 & f do not match. Thx for trying... Cheers

annelies said...

Congrats to all the mamas

Dominique Models said...
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