Jul 17, 2009

Michele's Back Too!

Talking about Classics, we're glad to represent Michele (formely known as Vanessa) Bouman.

We know her since she's sixteen. She was chosen to represent Belgium at the Supermodel Of The World 1987 contest. Here is her presentation:

The 80's lovers should really click HERE to get to the full video: BIG makeup-BIG hair-BIG shoulders pads wonders guaranteed!


Anonymous said...

I am deeply inpressed, Vanessa was always absolutly beautifull and a perfect model. Now, some years later, coming back as Michele, she has gained in charisma and charm, warmth and beauty. I am sure she will have a great comeback, as her type is what we need now.

Anonymous said...

Great , I love the idea, real class again!

Anonymous said...

Well .... she had it then and she still has it.

Believe me ! Also an amazing woman.

Deserves a most successful come back.